C.A.T.S. Northeast, Inc.
Cats Assisted Thru Spay/Neuter
About Us

C.A.T.S. Northeast is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of cats in our community, primarily through spay/neuter and vaccination of cats who would not otherwise receive veterinary care.  Our clinic is now located in North Windham.  Contact us at catsnortheast@outlook.com.  You can also text (faster) or call (860) 942-9676. 

Who We Help

We provide affordable (discounted) veterinary care for people who are feeding a colony of feral cats, or for kind souls who would like to take in an abandoned cat that they have found and just need a break with initial vetting.  We can also help people who would like to stop the cycle of reproduction among their own (tame) cats.  Our clinic is not a high-volume operation, it operates a few times a month and is staffed by volunteers.  Appointments and time are limited; therefore our focus is on needy animals.  We also work with nonprofits who refer their adopted pets to our clinic for spay/neuter.

How We Accomplish Our Goal

We specialize in humane management (via spay/neuter) of multi-cat colonies such as those found at farms and apartment complexes, and assist caretakers whose populations have been continually reproducing.   Many of these situations require humane trapping, as the cats are often undomesticated and cannot be handled.  For people who are willing to participate in the process, we provide specialized equipment and advice so that the projects can be completed as quickly as possible. Each female altered is removed from a reproductive cycle that can result in over 11,000 kittens in just five years.  Each male altered is significantly less of a contributor to the spread of feline immunodeficiency virus, an incurable virus spread primarily through the fighting that is characteristic of unneutered males.   General community health and well-being is enhanced by vaccinating the animals for rabies and treating for parasites. 

An important part of our work is public education regarding responsible pet care, stressing the relationship between the numbers of homeless pets and the failure of guardians to sterilize their animals.  We advertise regularly to attract qualified adopters for cats in need of a new home.  Our careful matchmaking and extensive counseling prepare adopters for their new family members and result in extremely successful placements.  Our free feline behavior consultations can help avoid unneeded surrender of a pet.

Our volunteers provide a vital and humane service in the field of animal welfare, and since we are entirely dependent on donations, community support of our efforts is essential.



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