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The Windham Dog Park – finally, a place where your dog can run free and socialize with other dogs, blow off steam, wear himself out…then go home and crash for the rest of the day!

The Windham Dog Park is a privately owned, fenced in area in North Windham provided by CATS Northeast.  Access is available to members for a modest membership fee, which supports the maintenance of the park.  Memberships also will help provide medical care to needy pets in the community once the fencing has been paid for.

For information, email catsnortheast@outlook.com.

To support the park, go to www.catsnortheast.org and use the Donate button, then send an email to catsnortheast@outlook.com specifying what your donation is for.  Or, mail checks to CATS Northeast, P.O. Box 345, Mansfield Center, 06250.


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