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Indoors or Out?

The debate continues, with one side arguing for the "natural" life and the other side determined to keep their precious companions safe from predators, poisons, cars, guns, and even disgruntled neighbors.  More and more cat guardians are availing themselves of the multitude of cat containment options that have developed in recent years, including special cat fencing and custom-made enclosures.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  Below is a 10' x 12' enclosure, completely secured on top and sides by 2" x 3" galvanized fencing which is buried about 6" underground.  From a distance it is nearly indistinguishable from a regular pergola.  The kitties can feel the wind ruffle their fur, savor the scents on the breeze, chase the buggies at night, leap around on the horizontal beams, sprawl in the sunlight, sniff and paw at the herbs in the planter, all in complete safety.



Links for Enclosures and Plans 

www.just4cats.com has plans for building plain enclosures with many pictures of completed projects.

www.cdpets.com sells a pre-fab kit for 6' x 8' redwood enclosures with perches and expansion options.

www.alleycat.org/pdf/fence.pdf is a do-it-yourself plan for making a fence cat-proof with netting.

www.purrfectfence.com sells complete fence kits with gate options and an available installation DVD.


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